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Graduated from the ‘Silversmithing & Jewelry’ department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

Studied and practiced under the guidance of several jewelry and textile masters in the U.K, Scotland, and the U.S. to master ancient jewelry and textile techniques.

“I am distinctively a ‘raw materials person’ who must feel, touch, and manipulate the materials I am using with my own hands. Early in my career, I chose to master the craft of jewelry. However, looking back, throughout the years I always engaged in additional projects, experimenting and experiencing different materials and angles alongside creating jewelry. That is the reason I was also drawn to working with leather, which naturally led me to creating my intricate leather bags. My work is not defined or constrained by seasons or trends, but rather inspired by the different cultures and lifestyles of the time".

As an art and design academy graduate, Anat constantly takes part in sheer artistic projects, along with her commercial work. Her art works have been widely displayed in individual and group exhibitions of art and design, and in galleries and museums in Tel Aviv, Paris, London, New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, and Philadelphia.


Anat designs and handcrafts distinctive high-karat gold precious jewelry.
Her work is based on creating individual pieces within a theme, which then form part of a collection. Each item is individually handcrafted, given its own unique qualities and details, using ancient and traditional goldsmithing techniques. The hammered, scratched, burnished, and matt gold finished surfaces are all made by hand. Due to their sculptural nature, some details are spontaneously formed directly on the workbench. Finally, all of this is composed into timeless pieces bearing Anat’s personal style and mark.


“Fascinated by ancient cultures’ goldsmithing, and remaining loyal to their traditional methods of work, I mostly use 22-karat gold, as was customary in those times. This nearly pure alloy is remarkable for its genuine qualities, deep golden hue, and natural raw, pliable ‘soft’ texture, which gets slightly scarred while worn. Over time, each piece integrates these new blemishes, created by the personal life events of the person wearing the piece, to tell their own unique life story.”


As gemstones are natural materials, each stone is unique and has its own personality, shade, inclusions, and features. Each gem is one of a kind.
Sourced exclusively from responsible and ethical vendors, each precious or semi-precious stone is carefully hand-picked. Some stones are selected still in raw stage, then cut, carved, and polished to order, particularly for a specific design.


Exclusively using ethically sourced natural diamonds, stones come in a large variety: modern and old cuts, rose cut, colored diamonds such as gray and champagne, ‘salt & pepper’ diamonds dotted with tiny mineral inclusions, and diamond beads.
Due to the unique nature of these kinds of diamonds, they are not always eligible for grading according to the familiar standards of commercial certifications categories.




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